Lace Front Wigs Hairstyles To Try

Lace front wigs are an extremely popular hairpiece for women, and it’s not hard to see why. These beautiful wig units make experimenting with your hairstyle fairly effortless because they allow you to make a bold look without the fear that your results may turn out looking like a cheap Halloween costume.


Other than braids, some of our favorite lace front hairstyles include everything from half-up, to half-down looks to putting a braid crown around the edges providing more texture and life to the style.

Middle Part Hairstyle

Hairstyles To Try With Lace Front Wigs


Nothing goes wrong with some waves and middle part hairstyles


Parting and styling versatility go hand-in-hand when using a lace front wig. A Middle-Part Hairstyle can be done with straight, curly, and some waves, depending on the texture.


You can create this look using a lace front wig and can look sleek and chic. Opting for boho waves or curls like Kim Kardashian will get you going.

Long Side Bangs

Side bang wig


A side part and a long side bang are great options for effectively framing your face. Side bangs add an extra volume while letting a little hair fall over your face.  


You can add some layers to get the feathered look and more dimension while giving a natural look to your hairstyle.

Wavy Ombre


                                 Wavy Ombre


When changing the hair color of your wig, a look that's on-trend but also practical is the ombré look. This allows your hair to go from one color to another seamlessly. It's a way to add brightness to your look and keep your tresses feeling healthy at the same time.


Choosing a color for this effect is simple: choose a shade that is close to your natural hue, and gradually continue into the hue you wish to change it into!


Low Ponytail

Low ponytail

                         Sleek Low Ponytail


The sleek low pony is a relaxed no-fuss style that works well for occasions when you don’t want to worry about messing up your hair.


To achieve the look, first, you need to be sure that your wig is thoroughly detangled and conditioned, then slick it back with some gel or glued spray. Next, secure it with an elastic.


Then you can wear your ponytail straight or add some flavor by creating waves or curls!


Half Up Half Down
Half up half down weave


Versatile and fun - Half Up and Half Down hairstyle


This lace front hairstyle is versatile and fun. It's simple enough to wear every day but with just the right amount of pizazz to make it perfect for a night on the town. It can be worn by any woman who wants to feel great about herself!


This hairstyle can easily incorporate different hair accessories, like rubber bands, headbands, or beads worn in different ways.


You can try this hairstyle with different hair lengths, colors, and textures of your wig.


Medium Length Wavy Hair

Medium length wavy weave


                Medium length wavy hair


If you are a middle-of-the-road person, this style is for you. Not too short, not too long, easy to maintain, and no need for a restyle every third day.


This length is perfect for you because it combines the versatility of a shoulder-length look without stressing over keeping your fringe in check.


You just let your hair be in natural waves and add volume with wavy curls for a textured beach wave vibe without stressing too much about your appearance, like when going for a longer or shorter hair look.





With lace wigs, you get a more natural-looking hairline. This is one thing that sets them apart from other types of wigs.This is because their lace material mimics the movement of your natural locks for the most realistic effect. The texture of the lace material and special colors can be designed to match your skin tone so that it blends with your real hair and scalp to add depth and richness to every aspect of your look!



The most important point to consider when purchasing your first lace wig is cap construction – considering the kind of natural parting you want to create and the length of your hair. The moderate parting allows users to make their areas of parting deep and long, making for a natural-looking hairstyle; on the other hand, the deep parting makes it possible for users to style any kind of long and extreme parting.




The lace front wig is perfect for various styles, depending on your hairline. You can wear it as a side part or ponytail, or throw it into a messy bun. If you want to change the direction of your hairline but still want to keep the same length and color, this type of wig is ideal for you!



We recommend using a foundation and makeup brush to blend the front of your lace front to your skin color. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush to cover any parts that may show an obvious line of demarcation from fabric to skin, as this will detract from your overall look.




We suggest that you take proper care of your lace front wigs so that they give you a look that you desire for a longer period. In doing so, you must pay attention to a few things. Like brushing them regularly, washing them with a soft sulfate-free shampoo, and deep conditioning them at least weekly. Whenever you style your wig, don’t forget to use a heat protectant on them to avoid losing its shine and texture.


In a case where you want to remove them, you must store them on a wig and stand away from the sunlight. Remembering to do all this will help in increasing their life and will thus give your money’s worth.


We have discussed everything you will need to know about Lace Front Wigs in this blog. After reading this blog you will most likely know why these wigs have moved to the forefront in the wig line. They give us the versatility to freely move around without worrying about our hair. The wig meshes into our hairline and gives a very natural look to the scalp. It is so lightweight that it makes it easier for the scalp to breathe on hot summer days. It gives us a multitude of styling options.


In short, Lace Front Wigs are here to stay! And if you are on the lookout for wigs, you wouldn't find anything as amazing as Lace Front Wigs. Love Allure Extensions has some of the best available Lace Front Wigs. Shop Now!