Lace Front Wigs All-Inclusive Guide

Lace front wigs have been a celebrity favorite for many years now. The wigs have helped them to change their looks effortlessly. Read on to know how these lace front wigs can help you achieve your styling goals.

Lace Front Wigs All-Inclusive Guide


Celebrity hairstylists highly endorse Lace Front Wigs for their clients. Wearing wigs has created a fashion statement where one can change the look of their hair and transform their look into something sensational and dramatic or subtle in a matter of minutes. Wigs were initially seen mostly in pop culture, but it has now become a new fashion statement.


Talking about pop culture, Lace Front Wigs are loved by all, from Cardi B to Kylie Jenner. These celebrities and more would have sported wigs every once in a while. So, whether going for ultramarine blue hair like Katy Perry or going all lavender like Kylie, the Lace Front Wigs can be customized in the color of your liking and any chosen hairstyle.


Lace front wigs have been a celebrity favorite for many years now. The wigs helped them to change their looks effortlessly. Because of the natural-looking wigs, it has also become a favorite among the many people with time.


Lace front wigs have hair tied to a very thin lace-like material on the wig cap, which gives the impression of a natural-looking hairline and an illusion that the hair grows from the scalp.


We at Love Allure Extensions use 100% Virgin & Raw Hair for all our lace front wigs assuring the quality of hair will be of the highest standards. Wearing wigs can also help us improve hair length and density with little effort.


They can be styled in multiple ways, which include wearing the texture in its nature pattern, curling, or giving it smooth waves. You can also have your stylist customize it to your favorite hair color. Wearing lace front wigs offers an abundance of possibilities for styling your hair.

Different Types Of Lace Wig Cap Construction

Different type of wig caps

      Different Types of Wig Cap Constructions


Wig construction is the process of making a wig. First, you make sure you have all of your materials and that they are in good condition by choosing quality hair. It is done by utilizing a lace closure or a frontal along with several bundles tailored to your head size. Construction may either be machine-sewn or hand-sewn.


The lace front wig cap construction is a good option if you are looking to part your hair freely. It is important to remember that the lace needs to be handled with care so there aren't any tears or damage that could prevent optimal performance for a long time. In addition, it has adjustable straps in the back and partial combs and clips already attached to the unit itself if you want to secure it in place with additional attachments.


We know this can be an investment, so we recommend keeping it safe by avoiding long periods of direct humidity and heat exposure as well as following styling instructions like only running fingers through hair from tip to root instead of rubbing your hand through all of the manes at once because such action can cause tangling as you go along!



Full lace wigs are 100% hand-tied human hair wigs that each hair is hand-tied onto a mesh base for multi-directional styling. With full lace wigs, you have the freedom to place them in any hairstyle you choose, from high ponytails and updos to short bobs.

They imitate real hair like no other wig type - especially when paired with a monofilament top for added naturalness and versatility. However, quality full lace wigs are made from premium materials and thus are usually more expensive than both other types of lace wigs (360 Lace Front Wig) or its closest alternative, the silk top wig (180 Lace Front Wig).


A Glueless lace wig cap is great for those looking for an absolutely natural-looking hairline. It’s sewn onto a stretch cap and can be parted anywhere along the hairline, giving it a more natural look and feel than any standard full lace wig.

Because of these natural-looking attributes that come with wearing a glueless lace wig, it's also recommended for newcomers who may have never worn one before.


Different Types Of Lace Front Wigs

Effortlessly styling the Lace Front Wigs

                    Effortlessly styling the Lace Front Wigs


If you’re looking to add length and volume to your hair without the commitment of going through a full weave or lace closure, then you may want to opt for a lace front wig!

Here at Love Allure Extensions , we specialize in creating some of the most exquisite designer wigs and extensions. Our talented wig specialists will show you how easy it is to achieve a natural hairline with these amazing styling options! When shopping for your new wig, there are different types of lace fronts, so make sure you clearly know what each one represents and what makes them unique.

Uncut Lace Front

Uncut Lace Front

A customized hairline is possible with Uncut Lace Front


If you are looking for a more customized look, you might like the option of an Uncut Lace Front Wigs. This special arrangement allows you to have pinking shears cut off the material where you desire it taken off- meaning that every time you get a haircut, your wig is always going to match perfectly. We do NOT recommend using regular scissors if you want to trim an uncut lace front wig because they can cause unnecessary damage over time and make your wig unusable!


Caring For Your Wigs
Care and maintenance go a long way in maintaining your wigs

Human hair wigs – also known as toupees - are more popular than ever before. This is because they provide a very realistic and cosmetically enhancing appearance, and we love them! They're composed of real human hair, which means the texture characteristics, shine factor, and overall appearance of one are exactly like the other.


There are many different types of wigs, so one way to determine which one you may prefer is by asking vendors or searching online to give yourself an idea of what's currently available, and to see which options might appeal most to you.


When you care for your hair well, it can grow long and strong. Human hair wigs, when maintained properly, allow you to style and color them according to the latest trends and fashion. The hair on a wig does not grow long and strong, but offers many different versatile options.


Below are tips on how to maintain your wig for optimum use.




    • Before washing your wig, it is necessary to remove any tangles and knots from the hair of the wig.
    • Start by gently detangling first with your fingers and then using a detangler brush or a wide-tooth comb.
    • Remember to start from the ends and then head towards the roots to avoid causing any damage to the wig.



  • After detangling the knots, start by soaking your wig in a tub.
  • Once that's done, apply shampoo to your wig by rubbing a bit on your hands. Then wash it using cold water or under the shower tap.
  • Don't rub, twist or massage your wig as this sometimes causes tangling and breakage of your hairpiece if done improperly.
  • Make sure you don't put too much shampoo on your wig. Make sure never to use any kind of detergent or soap except for shampoo as this can cause buildup, which may block its air holes.
  • After rinsing out the shampoo from your wig, use a towel to gently squeeze any excess water out of it. Do not twist or wring the wig as this can cause hair breakage.





    • When your wig is still damp, take a small amount of conditioner and gently work it into your netting to condition the hair.
    • You want to spread the conditioner evenly throughout your wig because the only real way that you can ensure that tangles don't form later when working with your wig is to make sure that it's saturated with the conditioner.
    • When the wig is still saturated with conditioner, detangle it gently, starting from the tips and working your way up towards the base of the hair.
    • Use a wide-tooth comb or fingertips to detangle your mannequin head. Ensure that you don’t stretch the hair, as doing so can cause damage.



    • Do not dry your wig with a blow dryer because it can really be damaging to the hair.. Instead, gently squeeze the excess water out of the wig [do not wring or rub] and then use a dry towel to suck out any moisture left in the wig.
    • Set aside your wig in a well-ventilated area free from direct exposure to sunlight; sun damage can ruin your hair and make it frizzy.
    • You can also apply oil to your wig before drying it out naturally to give it shine and keep it moisturized.
    • A wig stand is suggested for air drying your wig. This will help retain the wig’s shape after it has been washed.



    • Depending on the desired style, you can use a curling iron or flat iron, but never leave too long on your hair, and be careful that they don’t get too hot because this could easily damage the fibers.
    • Similarly, electric rollers with a medium heat setting are also good for instant styling results without causing any damage
    • Lastly, moisturize those tresses with WIG oil regularly!




  • Sunlight can cause irreparable damage to human hair wigs. The hair in the wigs becomes pale and dull and loses its character. That is why it is pertinent to keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • You must always take your wigs off before retiring for the day. This will keep matting, breakage, and hair loss from being a problem.
  • If you would like to go for a swim or do some physical activities, it is recommended to remove the wig. Any use of chlorinated water, hot water, or seawater can damage the wig’s texture, color, and vibrancy.
  • After you take your wigs off, they should only be stored on a wig stand or on a mannequin head to maintain the structure of the wig cap. Invest in a good wig stand to avoid the curl pattern from damaging or the hair getting tangled.



    • There’s such a wide range of wig advice that it can easily become overwhelming when deciding which directions to take. That’s why we feel it’s important that you always have a backup available in case of an emergency if you plan to wear wigs.
    • If more than one is available, you can have a backup ready if your favorite wig gets damaged by exposure to excessive light or weather conditions.



  • We can give many tips regarding how to take care of your hair if you wear a wig. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to achieve that natural look as long as you know what you're doing.
  • The best way is to make sure you choose the right color or blend of colors for your wig. If it's too light, there will be an unnatural shine, and too dark makes you look pale, which is definitely not your aim when wearing a wig!
  • Many people have trouble finding a perfect match of the hair color to their skin tone, but luckily many online tools can assist you with this.



    • One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a ​wig is too much heat.
    • You should never exceed 120 degrees Celsius when trying to style your hair, or else it will leave you with a burnt wig and possibly damaged hair.
    • Use standard, low-heat equipment to style your wig.
    • Always keep the hot styling tools isolated from your wig's roots!





    • Whatever you choose to do with your hair, whether wearing a wig or extensions, you have just to be yourself.
    • Be sure to feel confident and comfortable while wearing your wig.
    • No matter how the situation or day unfolds,you can carry it off with utmost confidence and enjoy yourself.